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  Yuzhou city longteng special refractories co., LTD(Jin jun state refractories co., LTD)Located in the famous hometown of jun porcelain——In yuzhou city,Close to the beijing-guangzhou、Longhai railway artery、107National highway,For high speed、Peng Hua、Is fuath liom highway,The transportation is very convenient,Within the territory of refractory materials、Fuel rich mineral resources and are of good quality,For the refractory industry provides superior natural conditions。The main products are divided into series of bulk materials、Iron ditch castable,Environmentally friendly anhydrous stemming,Construction of the blast furnace with spray paint,The mud......【For details
  Al2O3-SiC-CThe kinds of iron groove material and the research dynamic   
  From the mud material benefits——Reduce the refractory material cost documentary hangang ironmaking company department   
  The life of kiln new refractory materials protection coatings3Times   
  Resistance to high temperature thermal insulation coating is effective to improve the energy saving rate of industry   
  Refractory to impose anti-dumping duties on China in the United States   
  The use of green refractory materials has become a inevitable trend   

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